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Welcome to OROS

Competitiveness and flexibility since 1999

OROS SRL is a subcontractor company founded in 1999 that operates in several sectors within the wider field of micro-mechanics. The company usually works on commissioned orders, even if in the past it developed and proposed its own products.

The production varies from the simplest details to very complex pieces and is mainly concentrated on the one hand in the medical-dental sector and on the other in the luxury sector.

Amongst the strongest points we can mention the high-tech machinery and tools which are constantly updated to meet even the most demanding client’s needs.

The operations of turning and milling, of metal bar or plastic material, are executed exclusively by means of lathes machinery as well as an innovative Multitasking Turning and Milling Centers.

Thanks to its flexibility and competitiveness, OROS has extended its activities also abroad and has nowadays established many collaborations with foreign companies worldwide.

OROS is synonymous with quality and reliability, which is proved by the two TÜV Certifications (ISO 9001, ISO13485) acquired during the last years.


OROS is certified ISO 9001 regarding the internal management system. OROS also has ISO 13485 certification for the production of products that are used in the medical field. This certification regulates the quality management systems for the production of medical devices.